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    Joy and pain. Rain and sunshine. Clothing and nakedness. It's all interconnected. Every cell has a vibration and the more we can tune the cells of our body into harmonic entrainment, the more deeply we connect to oneness with all that we experience. In this way, sound moves us closer to wholeness. In this way, sound is healing. 

    Howl at the Moon

    Yoga & Sound Bath on the full moon

    La Maida Insitute, 11159 La Maida St. NoHo

    The full moon is a time when the aggressive masculine energy of the sun reflects off the intrinsically feminine energy of the moon - a queer form. It is on this night that we can set intentions for balance between these forces and a washing away of all that does not serve us through moon bathing. Each event begins with an intention setting ritual, then a brief moon salutations yoga flow to open the body before the sound bath.

    Next Howl: June 17th, @8pm Register in Advance