Dance was one of the first ways in which humans expressed themselves - their stories, their desires, their triumphs. My conscious dance events are meant to help participants engage with this ancient expression as a way of reconnecting with their energetic Self and moving through experiences stuck in their physical bodies that no longer serve them. They are designed to be deeply intentional rituals that offers a space for somatic inquiry and blissful celebrations of the human experience. 

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Meditation in Motion - live stream

Saturdays 10am PT (60 minutes)

This unique 60-minute ritual begins with a slow and intentional stretching practice to get you into the farthest reaches of your body and prepared to move in the ways unique to you and your meditation experience. The dancing meditation is guided with conscious prompts around a different theme each week designed to stimulate the heart/mind and encourage individual embodied expression - this often looks nothing like traditional dancing, but more like freedom. Our collective goal when we conscious dance is to allow what is within to take shape in the body and be released. With a new playlist each week spanning multiple genres to facilitate a range of rhythms to explore, we continually discover new pathways to get centered and let go!

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